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po8crg ([personal profile] po8crg) wrote2037-12-03 11:59 pm

Reading other people's DW

I mostly read DW through a RSS feed rather than through the reading page.

This works fine, except for one thing: RSS only includes public posts, so if you post anything flocked, then I'm liable to miss them.

I tend to skim back through my friends' flocked posts once or twice a year, so if you suddenly get a stream of comments on six months' worth of flocked posts all at once, then you now know why.

If anyone knows a way of turning my Reading Page into an RSS feed with authentication that I can push into an RSS reader, then I'd be really happy. If anyone coding for Dreamwidth wants to code that up, then I'll love them forever - especially if I can do that with Reading Filters and push the separate filters into my categories in the RSS reader (like "friends", "politics", "furrin-politics", etc).