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It has the same number, so you don't need to change that, but I might be doing a bit of "new phone, who dis?" until I get my contacts syncing properly.

It's an Android, so I have more app options. I've already got Citymapper working, and Pocket Casts seems reasonably good for podcasting, though alternatives there are definitely interesting.

I've put on all the things I use regularly, like social media apps and Old Reader and the Guardian and three different emails and cricinfo and Just Eat and Deliveroo and train apps and three ebook apps and... well you get the idea. Adblock Browser because I detest adverts.

Oh, and yes, of course I've installed MiniVAN!

Anything else that I've been missing because I was a windows phone user that is only available for Android (or Android and iOS)? Your suggestions appreciated.

Date: 2017-04-07 02:53 pm (UTC)
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Citymapper is the best thing that's ever happened for accessibility for me. I used to have to get friends to look routes up for me on their fancy phones when I was in London, and I'm so glad I can now do it myself.

I'm using Antenna Pod for podcasts, partly because it was what I was used to from my Blackberry and the podcast app choices seemed so overwhelming. It works fine but I'm still not quite sure what features I would ideally want or make use of in a podcast app.

I really like the MLB At Bat app, though it has some annoying features like only having the audio feeds when they're live. It's still worth it to keep up on stuff and it's nice to have scores and news from my team so easily accessible.


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